Infrastructure obstruction profiling

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Create Date 4 Dicembre 2014
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Environmental fragmentation and habitat reduction are among the most widespread factors that cause biodiversity loss. Transportation infrastructure is the principal element that determines and exacerbates such conditions. The infrastructure system is a barrier to movement for most non-flying terrestrial animals because of obstacles like guard rails, new-jerseys, walls, enclosures and vehicular traffic. Each obstacle creates a different degree of occlusion which acts on the various species in different ways. The present study proposes a methodological approach to compare the technical characteristics of roads with their impact on wildlife movement. The analytical procedure is called “Infrastructure Obstruction Profiling” (IOP). It is presented as a longitudinal diagram of the transportation infrastructure along which the degree of interference is expressed in consideration of the entity and the typology of obstacles that are present. The data obtained could support studies of environmental evaluations and inform mitigation measures to reduce habitat fragmentation.